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About Stream Game Labels

Our Goal

Supply streamers and content creators with an easy way to include statistics on their videos/feeds from their favorite games.

How does it work?

Once an account is created and hooked up to a game, we'll start fetching any and all statistics that the game provides.
The site then provides URLs to be easily included into any streaming software that supports the Browser Addon.

Once added to the streaming software the streamer doesn't have to worry about it anymore, it will keep itself up to date without any manual intervention.
Add and forget!

Is this free?


You can however Donate any amount you feel is appropriate.

Going forward

We will keep improving and expanding our product.
Any suggestions or feedback you might have is more than welcome, drop us a message on our social platforms.

Follow us on twitter to get notifications when we release new games or have important information to share.

Not a streamer?

If you are looking for just the statistics for your game, head over to and they will have what you need.
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