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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive



If you are looking for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stats to embed into your Twitch, Mixer/Lightstream, Youtube or really any streaming service out there, you've come to the right place.

Show off your Damage/Kill, what your MVP count is, how many Knife Battles you've won or just plain how many Kills and Wins you can get in a stream session, daily or lifetime.

Look in the details below to find out exactly what we can offer.

About the API

The data updates based on a set of rules:

  1. 1. You have to have the correct SteamID64 connected. If the connection page gives you an error after 2 minutes, it won't update.
  2. 2. The data cannot be fetched from the source at Valve until a match has ended.
  3. 3. Our server needs a couple of minutes to connect to the API and fetch the new data, it does this on a tight schedule but its speed is based on how many players that are active. Currently one cycle to update all active players should take no longer than 2 to 6 minutes.


  • Total
  • Total Extended
  • Daily
  • Daily Extended
  • Stream Session
  • Stream Session Extended
  • Gun Stats
  • Everything
  • Everything Extended

Fading Labels

  • Total
  • Total Extended
  • Daily
  • Daily Extended
  • Stream Session
  • Stream Session Extended

Total/Daily/Stream Session

  • Kills
  • Kills/Death
  • Kills/Game
  • Kills/Round
  • Accuracy
  • Headshot Kills
  • Knife Kills
  • Grenade Kills
  • Molotov Kills
  • Killed w/ their Weapon
  • Blind Enemies Killed
  • Knife Combat Won
  • Snipers Killed
  • Deaths
  • Time Played
  • Avg Match Time
  • Bombs Planted
  • Bombs Defused
  • Damage Done
  • Damage/Kills
  • Damage/Game
  • Damage/Round
  • Dominated Enemies
  • Revenged Teammates
  • MVPS
  • Win Percentage
  • Matches Won
  • Matches Played
  • Score
  • Score/Match
  • Rounds Won-Lost
  • Pistol Rounds Won
  • Rescued Hostages
  • Weapons Donated
  • Windows Broken
  • Domination Overkills
  • Gun Game Rounds Won
  • Gun Game Rounds
  • Gun Game Win Percentage
  • Gun Game Matches Won
  • Gun Game Matches
  • Gun Game Total Score